DIY Lampshade Recover


So following my DIY lamp revamp I am now ready to share about my lampshade recovering experience.   This was a fairly straight forward project.  Minimal effort but great results.  My materials were all on hand from previous projects so no running to Michael’s on a Saturday (YAY).  Here is what you need to complete your lampshade makeover — your fabric (I had half of a shower curtain left from another project), spray craft glue, and a hot glue gun.  I wanted to use the outdoor table since I was using spray craft glue but it was too hot. So, if you are using your kitchen table be sure to wipe it down when you are done.

The first step is to lay out your fabric and measure the length and width required to cover the lampshade.

the shape of the drum makes measuring this lampshade easy.
the shape of the drum makes measuring this fabric easy

Iron the fabric to minimize creases and folds as you glue the fabric to the drum.

Measure and iron your cut fabric
Measure and iron your cut fabric

Spray the craft glue evenly on the backside of the measured and cut fabric.

Spray craft adhesive completely
Spray craft adhesive covering the fabric evenly with glue

Carefully center the lampshade over the sprayed fabric so that it lines up evenly with the edges. Timing is important on this step. You want the glue to be slightly tacky but not so dry that it won’t stick.  Press the fabric firmly in place. Run your hand over the fabric to the edges to press out any creases. Then hot glue your edges so that one overlaps and covers the other.

press fabric firmly into place running your hand out toward the edges to remove creases
press fabric firmly into place running your hand out toward the edges to remove creases

Next, take your glue gun and put a thin bead of glue around the interior of the lampshade and fold the edge over (because I am using a shower curtain one edge already has a finished hem but the other side needed to be ironed over to create a hem– you can sew it to make a legitimate hem if you have the time).  When the light is on you will be able to see the folded over hem so if you don’t iron in a hem it’s important to cut evenly so that when light shines through you will see a clean line.

thin line of glue
thin line of glue
fold in the hem
fold in the hem over the glue.  You can use paper clips to hold the fabric till the glue fully dries

When the fabric glue is dry you can hot glue a trim, or ribbon, on the rim of the lampshade.  For now I am planning on leaving my lampshade as is (its a pretty busy print).  Here is the final product.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

finished lamp
finished lampimageimage



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  1. You just inspired me to recover one of my old lamps I’ve been holding on to! Thank you! Great tips.
    By the way, our hubbies work together. Our boys camped together too. ?
    I love your website. Thanks for the inspiration!

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