DIY -Striped Lampshade Makeover for Less Than $5!!!


On a recent trip to Target I found the most adorable lamp on clearance for only $12! I fight those urges at Target all the time, but for that price and the fact that I was actually wanting to buy a lamp, I knew I couldn’t pass it up! It came with a neutral oatmeal colored fabric lampshade, which was cute, but I had an idea that would add a little more character for only a few dollars.

The materials needed for this DIY are 1.5″ painter’s tape, a 2 inch paint or foam brush, and paint of your choice. I had pure white in a flat finish already on hand from another project, but you could easily pick up an $.88 container of craft paint from your local hobby supply store.

Isn’t the base of this lamp cool? I loved the design and antiqued finish on the wood. It was the perfect size for our den/school room table.

To start this project, remove the lamp shade from the base and put it on a surface where you have a little room to work.

Starting at the top of the shade, wrap your painter’s tape around the entire circumference one time. I started my first strip of tape just under the edge of the lamp’s existing rim, which happened to be 1 inch thick. It provided an easy guide so that my tape was even all the way around.

The next step is to add another layer of tape directly under the first layer of tape you applied. Be sure to press the tape down and apply it as evenly as possible so that your lines will all be straight and not wonky later on. The great thing about painter’s tape is that you can pull it off and reapply it if it doesn’t go on the way you want the first time.

Once the 2nd row of tape is applied and secure, you can remove the first strip that you applied. I did this so that I could reuse the tape for the next strip. I hate wasting tape if I don’t have to!

I used the strip I had just removed and reapplied it directly under the strip above. By applying the tape this way it ensures lines and spacing are as consistent and perfect as possible.

Now apply a new piece of tape to make a third row of tape, each just underneath the one above it without any space in between. The strips should be touching, but not overlapping or covering each other.

Carefully remove the middle strip of tape and press firmly around the edges of the remaining two strips of tape. It is very important that these pieces of tape don’t have air pockets at the edges so that when the paint is applied it doesn’t seep under and ruin your crisp straight lines.

Continue this same pattern until you have covered the entire length of the lamp shade. Be sure to press all the edges of the tape firmly onto the shade!

Now for the fun…it’s time to apply the paint. Using a foam or all purpose paint brush apply your paint to all the showing fabric. Be sure to fill each exposed strip of lamp shade in completely. It’s OK to paint onto the painter’s tape. That’s why you pressed those edges down so firmly!

Once you are done painting every row, while the paint is STILL WET, carefully pull off the painter’s tape. It’s important to remove the tape while the paint is wet so that the paint doesn’t dry to the tape and peel off when the tape is removed.

How cute and easy was that?!? This little project takes less than an hour, costs only a few dollars, can be done to any fabric lamp shade you probably already have at home, and makes a big impact to your room! That’s my kind of project!

So easy, right?

jacs lamp

And inexpensive! Even better!

Quick DIY Lampshade Update

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