Dress Up Your Door For Spring – a Super Easy Tutorial!


I have really been enjoying these longer Spring days when the kids can play later because it is still light outside! Since we have been spending more time out on our front porch I wanted to add some festive spring touches. I thought it would be fun to give myself a little challenge. My goal was to put something together for my front door using items I already had or purchased on a dollar store budget. From around my house I gathered ribbon, a wall hanging magazine holder, a placemat, and some tissue paper. I purchased $6 worth of flowers from The Dollar Tree. Now to put it all together in a way that didn’t look like it was only worth a few dollars!

My front door is painted black, so for the flowers I wanted to keep things light and mostly one color.

First I threaded my ribbon through the magazine holder and tied a bow at the top. I would use this to hang the basket from on my door.

I rolled the sides of the place mat in so that it opened to the back of the magazine rack, the side that would be against my door and wouldn’t show.  Being careful to keep the edges rolled insert the place mat into the magazine rack (be sure to note which side of the rack will be facing out on your door).

I also folded the bottom of the place mat up so that the stems of the flowers wouldn’t poke through the bottom when inserted into the basket.

Here is what the front of the basket looks like once the place mat is in place.

Next I crumpled a few pieces of tissue paper and placed them at the bottom of the magazine holder inside the place mat. This would help keep the stems of the flowers placed where I wanted them.

I used three pieces of tissue paper, but you can also use newspaper or foam if you prefer.

I then started with my tallest stems and placed the flowers inside the placemat toward the back of the basket.

Once I had all the tall stems in place, it was easy to see where I wanted to fill in some spots with another variety of  flowers.

I just eyeballed where I placed the next several stems, trying to keep the flowers at different heights and facing different directions so that the bunch appeared full and natural.

I had purchased a few yellow stems, but wasn’t sure I was going to use them. Once I had added all of the white flowers, I liked the idea of adding a touch of the sunny stems to brighten things up and add some more dimension to the arrangement.

I am pretty impressed with the flowers from the Dollar Tree. I normally like using fresh flowers. but not having to fuss with changing out water and swapping out wilted stems seemed more realistic. I don’t expect these faux flowers to last forever, but they should make it through the next couple of months and they are the perfect touch of spring my front door was needing at a very affordable price!

I am really happy with the way this budget friendly spring decor project turned out! It was super easy to make, took a minimal amount of time, and didn’t break the bank! Win, win, win! Now I am motivated to add a few more fun seasonal touches to the front porch and start enjoying these gorgeous spring days outside!

DIY Spring Front Door Tutorial

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