An Easy Bathroom Makeover for about $100!

My home recently underwent some pretty major construction, adding onto and changing the footprint of our house. One thing that simply didn’t fit into the budget, no matter how badly I had hoped it would, was our main guest/kids bathroom. We have 2 bathrooms in our Southern California home and one of them was now new and pretty(the before and afters for that will be in another post soon).  All updates and freshly painted walls everywhere left the main bathroom feeling super outdated and unloved.

So, with only about $100, I decided to give this bathroom a makeover that could at least help it to feel cohesive with the rest of the house. I wouldn’t be able to do everything I was hoping to eventually do (i.e. new vanity, counter tops, tiled bath/floor, re-glazed tub, etc), but to make this space more beautiful, I didn’t think I would have to.

To start, the original wall color was really drab and too dark for this small space. I also really, really don’t like the ugly yellow/off white counter tops.   I knew it wasn’t in the budget to make any major changes so I had to decide- either embrace the color of the faux marbled counter, or completely ignore it and design the rest of the bathroom using colors that I loved, but didn’t necessarily go with the counter top.

In the bottom corner of the photo (the white patch) we had some drywall damage repaired during construction on the rest of the house.  Just seeing a patch of white primer on the wall gave me confirmation that I wanted to go with white for this space. I wasn’t sure that I would love crisp white paint against an antiqued yellow/beige counter, but I had decided to design the bathroom without letting an ugly counter determine my style choices.

I liked our existing rubbed bronze light fixtures and sink faucets and felt like they would fit in nicely with the modern farmhouse theme I was going for. We had swapped out those fixtures when we first moved into our house several years ago and I believe we purchased them from Lowe’s.

I painted the entire bathroom with Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee in a semi-gloss finish. I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of stripes. I decorate with them, wear them, love them! So, I thought it would be really fun to add some painted stripes with leftover paint from our new master bedroom color, Sandy Hook by Benjamin Moore. I somehow lost the pictures I took of the process I used to add stripes to the wall. So Sorry! I had painted stripes in my hallway prior to construction and was sad to loose them when we changed the hallway’s footprint during construction. I was very excited to have a space to add stripes back into our home!

I painted our white vanity with this beautiful Gun Metal blue/gray Benjamin Moore color. I LOVE this update. It dialed down the clash of the bright white walls and yellow/beige counters. It also tied in the pink/beige tile floors and brought out a more earthy tone in them.

I found these really fun round, wood and metal accented mirrors on clearance at Target for a total of $50!!! That was a great score to help keep me on budget.


I love how the stripes add some character to the room, but don’t overwhelm it. The neutral “griege” isn’t a harsh contrast to the white walls, so it sits easy on the eye.

I used a towel hook between the mirrors to hang a mason jar of faux flowers from twine. To attach the twine to the jar, I wrapped the lip of the jar with floral wire and twisted it together in the back of the jar to close the loop. I then looped the twine through the wire on either side and tied a knot. Easy peasy.


I wanted to keep things simple and functional in this space because it is so constantly in use between my three kids, their friends, and our guests, so I found just a few other items from around my house to decorate the walls and counters without cluttering it.

I painted the shelves above the toilet the same color as the vanity to tie the room together.

I like wall decor that has some depth and texture to it. This shutter was a clearance find from Home Goods and was perfect for this spot.

I found this fun laundry bag on tote recently for under $10 and free shipping on H&M! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be sturdy enough to actually hold laundry, but the canvas material is substantial, making this sack totally functional and super cute! My favorite combo!!!

I hope you enjoyed this budget friendly makeover. Eventually I am hoping to save up to totally remodel this bathroom, but for now, I am totally enjoying this updated space and even happier that we accomplished it while sticking to our budget!

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