Easy Summer Container Garden

Spring is quickly getting ready to become summer here in Southern California.  We have already had a few 90 degree days so the pool is getting used and it is time to do a little update to my back yard.  We are eventually going to need to redo the entire back yard and pool – but since we haven’t won the lottery, just yet, I will settle for adding a little greenery to our outdoor space.

Shopping at IKEA I found these fabulous “Graslok” pots.  I love the zinc color! The height and the shape of the planter were perfect for the space by our patio chairs.


At our local nursery, Armstrong Garden, I found some great, heat tolerant plants, which are a must for longevity in our area.  When picking plants, I always pick in groups of two for shape.  Two tall central plants, in this case Lavender and Rosemary, two mid height plants, Dusty Miller and “Stonecrop SunSparkler”, and then I grabbed four Trailing Rosemary to fill in space around the edge of the planter.  All these plants are heat loving, container friendly, and great for areas in full sun.

Getting all the supplies home I grabbed my drill to put some drainage holes in the bottom of my IKEA pot.  I put a total of 5 holes in the base. You can decide the number of holes to drill, just be sure you have ample drainage.

Next, put about 1 foot of rock in the bottom of the pot since this promotes good drainage and prevents stagnant water build up.

Finally, I filled the pot with good potting soil to within a few inches from the top rim of the pot.  Now it is plant ready.

This part is fun for me because I am a nerd and I like trying different arrangements till something looks right to me (don’t judge).

Once I have my combination figured out I scoop in extra potting soil to hold the plants in place and done! From start to finish (minus shopping time) this little project took 15 minutes.  Now I just have to keep it alive….


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