4 Tips to a Successful Remodel



Part of the pressure when you decide to redo any part of your home is settling on a plan.  Expectations are always high when you begin.  Knowing you are putting time, money, effort, and more money into equals pressure for it to be amazing at the end.  Daunting, to say the least.  Jaclyn and I  had a vision for the transformation we wanted for each of our houses and as we set out to put those ideas into action, we found a few key points we thought were worth sharing.  Try to keep these in mind as you make decisions for your home, whether you are taking on a full remodel, or just updating a room of your home.

1. Keep with the era and style of your home.  If you have a mid century ranch style house, a craftsman addition is not going to feel right and you might find that after all your efforts your house looks like a mismatched puzzle.  We all have styles we see on Pinterest and dream of implementing in our homes, but the reality of how these would actually look in your house might be very different.  Keep with the main style — modern, craftsman, farmhouse — whatever it is, ask yourself does this belong in my home?

This addition to the craftsman house kept with the original woodwork found in other rooms.


2. Be prepared for the “momentum effect”.  People warned me about the “momentum effect” and that it sucks all money from the budget, but I had no respect for it till I was in the middle of my own remodel.  In the total disarray of redoing your kitchen, all of a sudden it seems like a brilliant idea to go ahead and remodel the laundry room, mud room, bathroom and hallway while you’re at it.  It is crazy.  It is like chaos invites more chaos.  You find bizzare logic in the fact that “we have already torn up this one room, we may as well tear up the rest of our house and get it done now”.  It is totally crazy…. beware.  Set your plan and stick to it!

The “kids bathroom” did not fit in the home remodel budget, but a cosmetic update works wonders and is totally budget friendly.


3. Have a friend you can go to for game time decisions.  There is a saturation point in these projects where your brain will rebel against any more decision making.  It is inevitable. You will look at 20 different gray paint swatches on your wall and feel like they all look lavender.  That is when you call your friend (whose taste is somewhat similar to yours) and you give her two options and then go with whatever she chooses.  In the end you will find you have already narrowed it down to decisions you would be happy with either way.  The helpful friend will just take the insanity factor out and help you move on. Sing it with me, “that’s what friends are for.”

The original fireplace
The updated fireplace with the brick that Jaclyn helped me decide on after days of debate.  Got to love good friends, with good taste, that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth!

4. Realize that at some point when you are done there are going to be little things you wish you had done differently.  NO ONE WILL NOTICE. (At least not as much as you do!)  I know that is hard to accept, and you might think “well I notice, and I am the one who cares”.  This is true, and I know this reality well, but at the end of the day it is just a house and you make your house a home.  You and your family are what people want to enjoy when they visit.  They won’t care that the grout in your shower isn’t done perfectly, or a tile is cut wonky, none of this will even enter their mind. So let it go.  Perfection would be nice, but it is not a requirement for happiness — take it from a self-confessed perfectionist.  Enjoy all the little things that did turn out just the way you hoped!

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