Easy Front Entry Gate Refresh


My husband made me a little gate for our front porch a few months ago and I am finally getting around to finishing it.  After he built the gate the wood expanded and cracked due to some extreme heat waves.

So my first step was to fill the crack with a wood patch that would stand up to weather shifts.  I wanted something that was quick setting so that I could get the sanding and painting done ASAP.  After some research I found this fabulous product at Home Depot.  Just squish the contents of the tube together, and kneed till mixed.  I applied it to the crack and also some drill marks.  I would recommend using only what is needed to fill the crack.  I went a little over the edge of the crack thinking it would help blend the product and it ended up being a ton work to sand down.

Since the wood filler takes an hour to cure I decided to give our lanterns a refresh as well.  I took the tops off and washed them, scrubbing off loose paint, dirt and bird poop.




I cleaned out the inside of the lanterns and covered the surrounding brick so that it wouldn’t get misted from the overspray.  After letting all the pieces thoroughly dry I spray painted them using Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint and Primer.






While the lights were drying I went back to the gate to prep for painting.  I sanded the entire gate using coarse sand paper then gave it a good wipe down so the paint would go on smoothly.  I decided to try Home Depot’s new outdoor paint.  When I was buying the wood patch the paint guy talked me into their Behr formula promising it would cover in one coat and standing up to sun and rain.  I had them mix the paint color to match Benjamin Moore’s “Wrought Iron”.  A word of warning!  Home Depot mixed the paint to match Behr’s “Wrought Iron” which is a burnt orange color, so make sure to specify Benjamin Moore to avoid that mix up!  I have to say, I was impressed with the paint! It went on really smooth and covered very nicely in one coat.  After two coats I was done with the paint. Now on to a fun detail, painting the numbers of our address.



Our home address is set back and hard to see from the street, so I decided to paint our address on the gate, making it more visible.  I printed out our address in a font I thought fit the style of our mid-century home and then rubbed chalk on the back of the paper.




I taped it to the gate, chalk-side down so that I could trace the numbers and transfer the image to the gate.





Here is what it will look like when you take the paper off.  This will allow you to trace the image with your paint pen.



Go over the chalk written letters with a paint pen in a color of your choice.  I picked white for visibility.   I wanted to do a fun shade of lime green, but my husband was too nervous, so I stuck with classic white.


When you finish, and the paint dries, wipe the chalk off with a damp paper towel.  Here is the finished update. It was a pretty quick and simple way to add some character and detail our entry.


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