Simple, Stylish DIY Wreath Under $10!

Black front door with green wreath and small chalk board

After browsing wreaths at Roger’s Gardens, a home decor and garden center in Newport Beach, and admiring the beautiful arrangements I was inspired to DIY my own greenery to decorate my front door on a budget.  Roger’s Gardens had a beautiful assortment of wreaths, but I realized that I would not be able to buy one for less than $50, and that would be for the small, 8″ wreaths.  Wanting something that could hang in a window or on the front door without maintenance, I decided to make a wreath using fake greens and gave myself a max budget of $10.

I have made succulent wreaths with live plants in the past, but with the Southern California heat, even they can dry out quickly.  So, after deciding low/no maintenance was the way to go I began looking for some fake greenery that wouldn’t look plastic and cheesy.  I really like the small Ikea faux plants. They look real enough and the price is right- $4.99! I also hit the jackpot with some super clearance Maidenhair stems.  The last item I needed to make this work was a cheap wreath that the Dollar Store provided!  This super simple project took me only 10 minutes once my supplies were gathered.

Dollar Tree Store wreath form
Dollar Tree Foam Wreath
IKEA faux greenery for wreath
Clearance Wire Stems
Small IKEA fake plant for $3.99
IKEA Fake Plant

Supplies Needed:

  • Stems, or IKEA plant
  • foam
  • scissors- If you’re using a plant with wire stems use wire cutters instead of scissors.
Scissors cutting greenery for wreath
The wire in these stems is tiny so scissors work well.

I started with the Maiden Hair stems, cutting and filling the outside of the foam form. I filled the interior of the wreath with short stems.

Putting the greenery into the foam form. Starting with exterior and interior of wreath
Use longer stems on the exterior and save the short pieces for interior and filler.

Then, taking the trimmed Ikea plant, I filled in open spots of the wreath.

Close up of wreath greenery to show the amount of foam showing through
Use various lengths in filling the open spots in the form

Just keep turning the form and filling until you cannot see the green foam through the greenery.

Finished Wreath with no foam visible through the greenery

Here is the final product. It was inexpensive and easy to put together. You could follow the same basic steps using faux flowers or other faux greenery to create low maintenance home decor.

Finished wreath on a front door with a small framed chalkboard that reads "hello"

Far away shot of finished wreath on front door

Dog in front of the front door with the wreath on it

The wreath adds an inviting and fresh touch to our front entry and will stay looking fresh year round!

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