An Easy, Personalized Gift Idea

The fall season makes me so excited for festive decor– inside and out. We have a lot of fall birthdays in our family circle, so with that in mind I thought I would share a fun and easy gift idea for a friend, hostess, or family member. I stumbled upon these wooden planters on the Magnolia Market website. They were in the clearance section in a couple different sizes. I picked the largest size so it could be used on a front porch or as a table centerpiece inside.

There are a lot of options for what to put inside.  I thought a stack of painted pumpkins would be a nice fall touch, but I ultimately went with succulents.  I love plants and greenery is always inviting.  I found these liners at Home Depot for $.20 each and I lined the bottom and side of the box with foil for an added layer of moisture protection.  I wanted to be able to switch out the plants with mason jars for silverware, or markers, without the box being damaged.  The moss is at Michaels for $7, but if you have their 50% coupon you are winning!

These liners are in the indoor plant section of Home Depot.
Moss in the plant section at Michael’s Craft store.
Line the bottom of the planter box with foil for an added layer of protection

After lining the inside of the planter with the foil I added the circle liners.  I only needed three liners to fill the large version of this planter box so if you order a smaller size you could get away with less.



Home Depot also offers a variety 6 pack of succulents for only $8. Armstrong’s had them for $5 each plant, so Home Depot was a significant savings.  I put three succulents in each circle liner and added soil around the plants base to hold them in place.

After all the plants were in place, I filled in the gaps with moss to hide where soil was visible.  I also put moss around the outer edges to give it a more finished look.

Magnolia Market also had these white “Welcome” signs and mini chalk boards so I added those to the basket using twine.


So there you have it. A simple way to add a personal touch to a gift that will last well past the celebration!

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