Swiss Cross Wall Decal Tutorial

I took on a fun project for my daughter’s room recently.  Her taste in style and decor is ever changing as she is entering the tween/teen years. I wanted to give her room a refresh without spending a lot of money, allowing for it to be changed should her mood so desire it a few months down the road.

We found these great removable wall decals online from and knew they would be perfect for the look and totally affordable for a small budget.

This project involved minimal prep work with a great finished look.  First, a fresh coat of paint on the feature wall with “Swiss Coffee” white.  The decals come on a sheet ready to peel and stick.

The tedious part of this process is the measuring and leveling of each individual cross.  I measured the entire wall and divided it by five in order to figure out the placement.

I used the bottom of the horizontal line for my marking point for 12.5″ down from the ceiling.

To save yourself from going crazy during this next step I highly recommend using a level to confirm the horizontal and vertical lines are straight.  The fabulous thing about these particular decals is you can always peel them off and adjust.



After the first decal is placed, it is just a process of measuring, leveling and pressing the decals in place.

I used the level on the yard stick in between the decals to make my way across the wall.  My wall divided into five placements meant I needed 24″ between each decal, starting 12″ in from the corner.

Finished top row

After the first row is complete, double the distance from the ceiling to determine your next row placement.  So my first row was 12.5″ from the ceiling, which meant my second row was 25″ from the ceiling.

Then divide the distance between the two crosses to find your midpoint for the placement.   My decals were 24″ apart so my midpoint was 12″ from either decal, or center.

Your level is your best friend!

Same process repeated, measure, level, and press.  Not fun, but the payoff is worth it!

All the following rows alternate the first two row’s measurements.

Finally, after all that measuring, leveling and pressing you can stand back and enjoy the finished product.

Feel free to share your decal walls with us in the comments!


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